Monday, 29 September 2014


Yesterday went well, and I had a good time all round.  We did notice that people were missing, but we were ok.  The EFG participated in the afternoon visit of the relatives because we had her on a video call using Google Hangout, and we sat the tablet on the shelf so that she could see and hear what was going on!  She also had an individual quick word with everyone who came, which amused the "oldies".  

My cousin brought a large Tesco chocolate cake, and the YFG made a special coffee and walnut sponge for me whilst I was out in the morning at the chapel.  

So we had the two of us, my dad, and his partner, MB.  Then my late mum's two brothers, UJ and P, P's wife and daughter, and daughter's husband!  A neighbour and her daughter popped round with a wee gift and card for me, so they stayed for tea and cake as well, which was a lovely added extra.  

Dad and MB and UJ stayed a while longer than the others, then Dad and MB left, and UJ had a sandwich and watched the One Man and His Dog competition on Countryfile, before he left as well. In the evening, I was able to sit and watch Downton in peace.

The EFG sent me a Moonpig mug with some photos of us all on it, and the YFG wrapped up a couple of things I had bought for myself - a copy of the latest Jack Reacher novel, Personal, and a new Bible. Some would say that the Jack Reacher novel was far from frugal, but hey!  If I can't reap the benefits of being frugal and have a wee splurge now and again, when can I?!  To me, it is a good buy because it will be read time and time again - I love to read and re-read because I always notice something different each time and find myself reading an ever so slightly different story, but that is just me.  Hardback books are an investment to me, and I usually buy Lee Child and Phillipa Gregory in hardback, because I know that I will get my money's worth!!

My sister sent a parcel with UJ, and it was a lovely cloth bag and a diary.  The neighbour brought a scented candle which was a lovely thought, and I was appreciative.  

I have managed to work the allotted three hours today and had a good selection of calls answered!  Just on the day when my voice would have appreciated people not answering their phones, it seemed as if every other person I called was in and chatty - never mind, it is good for business, I suppose.  The throat isn't too sore tonight, but I am off to have a bath and read some more Jack Reacher soon.

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Bridget said...

I just love Jack Reacher, money wisely spent in my opinion!
Glad you had a good time surrounded by your family and friends. First occasions without people are always hard xxx