Saturday, 13 September 2014

EFG update

We have been chatting with the EFG nearly every day on Google Hangout which is a really useful app to have - it saves using up our minutes on our phones, and means that we can see each other too.  I have to admit that some of the time, she looks a bit miserable - sometimes tired, sometimes bored!  She is having a long week this week, with nothing too structured to do and lots of leisure time - the cinema is offering students free showings of films and there is a free bus to get home afterwards, but the film didn't start until 10.30pm last night, so she is rather worn out this morning.  It is lovely when we get a glimmer of a smile, though......hoping for more of those as she gets more involved.

I just keep telling myself that she has got to go through this process of becoming more self-sufficient, although it is rather painful for me to watch.  Once the lectures and labs begin next week, I know that she will thrive on it all, and be more engaged.  She hasn't said that she wants to come home yet, anyway!

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