Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Love and loss

Hop on over to Ann Voskamp's blog and read some really wise words from her guest writer yesterday, Lisa-Jo Baker, whose book, Surprised By Motherhood, sounds like a good read....another one for my book list.

Lisa-Jo is very eloquent and says what I would like to say but just can't put into words right now.  I do wonder about how the girls are grieving, and whether I am "doing the right things" for them, but they don't say a lot and I don't want to push them into talking if they don't want to do so.  Space and grace look like the way to go.

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Sarah Head said...

Morgan, if you haven't already done so, take a look at the Cruse bereavement care website They have a special forum for children and young people to access on their own RD4U which can be found here The Child Bereavement Trust have a wealth of publications which includes a leaflet for teenagers which is not expensive. I have used them with all kinds of clients including my piano pupils and found them very helpful. It is often the case that immediately following a death in the family there is lots of local support and people do not need external help. About six months later when that support has waned but those grieving still need to talk about their loss and make some kind of sense about what has happened, that's the best time to provide information about those services which exist to help families in your situation. You can find your local Cruse office from the national website but specialist local support for teenagers may be more difficult. If my memory serves me correctly, your local service closed some years ago. There are lots of online services you can access. Hope this is helpful.