Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Brain ache

Yesterday I had to admit defeat and go to bed at 9.30pm which is quite early for me!  I had been on the phone for the requisite three hours, and hadn't had a bad day with the work on the first day - I made a few bookings, spoke to some people, got a lot of numbers not answered, and only had a couple of stroppy folk.......it was a relief to get to the end of the day, though.

This morning we are up early as the YFG is going on a school trip and has to be in school at 8am to catch the bus.  They are off to some science labs to see some Physics "stuff" and she is quite interested in science so I hope she has a good day.

That supermarket is in the headlines again today - half its market value wiped off the share price yesterday!  Quite a shock, really but this is the shape of things to come, I am afraid.

I'm off now, but shall endeavour to pop back later and read your blogs.  Hope you have a good day x


SusanM said...

Talking of supermarkets, how do I find out if/when the Aldi vouchers are in the newspaper this week please? I used to be notified through 'Hannah's' money newsletter but it doesn't seem to be in that now. Many thanks. Hope the new job is going well.

Bridget said...

I had to laugh, only a couple of stroppy folk! Glad you enjoyed it, on the whole. Eden gets excited over "physics stuff" Don't know where she gets that from!