Friday, 5 September 2014

London town

Now I have the full story and some pictures to share - they seem to have trekked all over London!  These are the EFG's pictures, but I know that the YFG has some more which I haven't got my hands on just yet - so maybe there'll be a few extra ones another day.

This is one of the guards at the stables end of Buckingham Palace, apparently.  There's been a lot in the news lately about the guard entertaining the crowds at the front facade by doing various unapproved moves instead of his proper behaviour - an ex-army relative here today was very disapproving and reckoned the chap's behaviour would have cost him his job in his day, but we may hear in the news what is going to happen to this chap once it has been investigated.

The rear view of the palace, after the tour, and one is allowed to stroll in the gardens.  They enjoyed the tour and the YFG bought me a guidebook so I could "see" it all too - very kind of her.  The EFG thought of my shopping bag tendencies and brought me a "Buckingham Palace" jute shopping bag.  I shall look just the thing in Aldi and Lidl with that - I shouldn't think Her Majesty pops in there too often, although with her Germanic heritage, she should probably have a look!

The memorial out the front - quite splendid but not a great photo.

Lunch was taken as "afternoon tea" at Brown's Hotel - very posh indeed and quite a surprise for my two country bumpkins, but they behaved impeccably and thought it very nice - although they said that they couldn't manage it all!  Apparently there were sandwiches and pastries to begin, scones with jam and cream and then blueberry tarts [below] or Victoria Sponge - and they stalled at the cake course!  

A very generous piece of Brown's Blueberry cake.  Love the white linens.......rather risky with blueberries, perhaps - they must have a good laundry service!

They also went to the Tower of London to see the Sea of Poppies for Remembrance of the First World War, they popped in to Covent Garden to see the shops and the market; Harrod and Fortnum & Mason were also investigated, and numerous tube journeys made.

The evening at the performance of War Horse was magnificent, they say, and they had a wonderful day.  My sister splashed out and really spoiled them, and they are very appreciative.

Today, the EFG is off.  I have about another 90 minutes with her before I leave her with my sister for their journey north.  I guess that the last 18 years has been the time I was given to make my mark on her, to bring her up the best we could, and now is the time to let her go, and to trust that we did our best to show her the right way to follow, and she must learn to march forth in her own style now...John Rosemond says that we have brought up our children successfully if we are able to help them out of our lives and into fully independent lives of their own.

She'll be home at Christmas.  I shall make plans to spoil her just a little!


Frugally challenged said...

It must be a very sad-happy day for you and the YFG. Look after yourselves. Skype, e mails and phone calls can bring Aberdeen a little closer I hope.

Angela said...

Thoughts and prayers with you at this time of parting.
You have faithfully done the Proverbs 22;6 bit - now hang on to the Romans 8:38,39 bit!!
She'll be fine, and you and YFG will be fine - but yes you will have an ache inside for a long time!
Just remember, now we have mobile phones, facebook and emails - in our student youth it was the very public payphone at the end of the corridor!!
blessings and hugs xx

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

You have done your job so well, its time now for your daughter its time now to put what she has learnt from you into practice.

You will miss her of course especially in view of the upheaval of the last few months.

Be proud of your lovely daughter, she will soon be home for Christmas.

rabbitquilter said...

Mixed emotion's I imagine. You can be very proud of both girls I'm sure. Tea at Brown's looks scrumptious to say the least. My turn for a London jaunt tomorrow, only we won't be dining in Brown's as we are off to Twickenham to watch Rugby, with hopefully a visit to see the poppies at The Tower and the Tall Ships at Greenwich on the way!! Hope your weekend doesn't feel too strange. XX