Tuesday, 2 September 2014


The 1st September is sort of another go at the beginning of the year again - the new academic year heralds a fresh start in a lot of ways.

We have heard yesterday that the EFG's accommodation issues are COMPLETELY resolved and she will be able to move directly into her permanent room on Saturday - hooray!!  No moving and mucking about on the 12th, worrying about being in two places at once as she had an induction booked for the same time as the moving van, and making new mates on the corridor twice!

Tomorrow the girls are off to London with my sister for a day sightseeing, and then the evening performance of War Horse, as I have already said [sorry - we are all quite excited about their day!] but it means that they are going to have a Very Long Day in the capital.  Hence we have scaled back our Norfolk plans and did not go to Norwich yesterday.  We're off today, we hope - and Blickling will have to wait until Easter, I think.

We're going to the Park and Ride, then we'll catch a bus into the city, where we are going to the Castle Museum.  W're doing this on a budget - by going in on the P&R, we get the museum tickets for just £3.80 each, rather than the full price.  Bargain.  We did think about going on the train, but with the tickets for that costing over £30 for the three of us, and losing out on the P&R discount, we thought that we were probably better off driving as it isn't really that far.  Hopefully we will have some decent weather today and can post some photos for you later.....

I plan to call in at an Aldi on the way home - the fridge is beginning to look a little bare, and that voucher is burning a hole in my purse!

Hope you all have a good day today xxx


rabbitquilter said...

No hurry to do all that sightseeing! There is always next year, something to plan during the dark days of winter. Hope the girls enjoy their trip to London. No2 son and I are going up to town on Saturday, along with my pink wheelbarrow, I had tickets for Twickenham to watch London/Irish play rugby. Have never been to Twickenham, apparently we are up in the Gods, but heyho!!! We are going to make a day of it and hoping to see the poppies at the Tower of London and then down the river to Greenwich to see the Tall Ships. I was on a ship, and a pretty tall one last weekend, my best friend (we go right back to school days!!) surprised me (that's putting it mildly!) with a weekend mini-cruise to La Havre for my ?0th birthday!! I really don't 'do' boats of any size, but we had such fun, and a bottle of Champers, which I am sure helped!!! It was an amazing weekend, looking forward to seeing all these Tall Ships, but I will be SO glad not to be on one!!!! XXX

Morgan said...

@RQ - thanks - lovely to hear about your trip: hope you have a fantastic day!

The "rush" with the sightseeing at Blickling is that it is a NT property - I have long been a member, but I'm not sure that the membership is going to be able to be squeezed out of the new budget, so I want to go there before the card runs out next May!

We have had a good day at Norwich today and I will get some photos up in a minute xxx