Saturday, 20 September 2014

Patience and dedication

I think that those are two qualities I am going to be in need of with this new job so I shall begin tomorrow, after church, researching the brands of cars I have been assigned to look after - Mercedes and Skoda.

Apart from all of that, life continues apace, as usual!  This afternoon I have had a church ladies' group here for a couple of hours of chatting and hatching plans, which has been interesting and fun.  I have also done an online supermarket order from that place I am not that fond of, but when they send you an invitation to get £15 off when you spend £60, it seems churlish not to take advantage - the cat is now well stocked up for the next month or two, for example, and we have enough squash on order to float a small boat, but best to order stuff which has a long shelf life when you are planning ahead.

The EFG rang the house phone and found it engaged whilst I was talking to my dad, so she had a chat with the YFG on her mobile whilst I was busy, then I had to pay for the shopping, and put the tea on for the YFG and her friend, so I have just tried to ring her back and she isn't answering at the moment.  Hopefully I can catch her later - my dad reported that she rang him last night and had a wee blether about life.  I gather from this end of the conversation with the YFG that there might have been some demonstrations in Aberdeen today or last night about the result of the referendum - she did share last night that English students had been advised to keep a low profile last night. I hope that the emotions which have no doubt been stirred up soon settle down.


Angela said...

Does the new job come with a Free Mercedes?
Glad EFG is settling OK, and hope there isn't too much Referendum Fall-Out

Get a good night's sleep and look forward to your new role with hope and joy.

I am sure YFG will be incredibly supportive

Blessings xx

SusanM said...

Congratulations on your new job. We live about an hour from Aberdeen but I hadn't heard about any demonstrations in the city last night, only in Glasgow. My son (born in Peterborough) has had one or two anti English comments at school recently. Where we live, the general feeling is one of relief that the Referendum is over and that things can settle down again. People in our village were discussing the 'Vote' but no one was asking anyone about their political views on it or how they were going to vote. I was impressed by this. The referendum has really encouraged our young voters to take an interest in politics.

Morgan said...

@Ang - no Mercedes, I am afraid! Thanks x

@SusanM - they came across a wee demo outside a shopping centre [Bon Accord, I think] at the Union St entrance, but I don't think it was anything too major. She can wave her Scottish birth certificate at them if she gets too much flak! Thanks for popping in.