Monday, 22 September 2014

This week in the kitchen

I've been hard at work rummaging in the freezers and the fridge to see what needs using up.  I still have to work harder at not wasting food and getting to grips with only buying what the two of us will reasonably expect to eat.  The chickens have had to help me out with too-far-gone fruit this week, and some sweetcorn.  I will get there.  On the electricity front, I have successfully had our Direct Debit reduced from £70.50 a month to £50 a month, which is the lowest they say they can go on the tariff.  I shall monitor that and see how close it is to the usage, and then it may be time to switch tariff if that really is the case.  We have used as many as 18 units of electricity a day in the past, but this week just gone, our average was 10 units each day - which I think is pretty good going!

The menu for this week ahead looks like this:

Monday - Chicken/bacon/veg and sweet potato casserole [yes, we had this last week, but we both loved it and I still have two more sweet potatoes to use up, so we thought we'd enjoy it again!  We had it two nights in a row last week because we liked it so much, we didn't want to freeze the leftovers...]

Tuesday - Gym night for me so the YFG is going to do Baked potatoes again - we'll probably vary the fillings a bit, depending on what we can find in the fridge and what we fancy!  Tuna, perhaps?

Wednesday - A stir fry

Thursday - Busy day with piano lesson right before supper and I have to work for an hour as well, so the YFG will have lasagne from the freezer and I'll do something with a couple of sausages when I have finished work.

Friday - I'm going to cook some sticky chicken drumsticks during the day and chill them, then serve them cold with a quick stir fry when we get home from gymnastics.

Saturday - the YFG's favourite weekend supper - fish and chips and peas - all from the freezer.  I might get the river cobbler I didn't have last night.

Sunday - my birthday so my favourite - roast chicken.  Means we'll have several chicken dinners ahead to use it all up.

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