Monday, 1 September 2014

Cooking for two

I knew that this year would be one of changes, and boy, we have had changes, and perhaps more to come.  Today, the 1st of September, is still just within the school holidays, but this week will take the EFG to Aberdeen, and the YFG back to school.  Gymnastics won't resume for another two weeks, so we have a little lee way with that, and piano lessons probably not until next week.

I have given the EFG a couple of "student" cookbooks to take on her journey, but it did occur to me that they might be very useful for the YFG and I too.  I will be cooking for two now, instead of four, and it feels strange already.  I have been preparing for it through the summer: whenever I bought meat, I packaged in one or two-person portions before I froze it, and the apple sauce has been bottled in smaller jars this year.

The YFG does love a bit of junk now and again [pizza and chips with her friend last night, for example] but she will eat most things [apart from courgettes and mushrooms, she would shout] so I am not thinking that there will be any major dramas.  I just have to think about things more carefully - freezing bread for her in smaller packages than whole loaves, for example, because a whole loaf would go off before she could manage to eat it.  We may not have roast dinners with joints of meat unless we have guests, perhaps, or we could cook a joint and freeze extra portions....we're going to have to have a go at this one and see what feels right.

I'm going to join in with Sue's storecupboard challenge once everyone is back in a routine - there are still some things to buy for the journey for the EFG and the YFG needs to think about what she is going to eat in her lunchbox this term - she may not fancy her last staple of cheese and tomato sandwiches this term.  We have a new budget to manage, and it will be interesting to see if we can go even lower!

Your comments and advice would be welcomed........


Jackie said...

The More with Less Cookbook would be my favourite to gift to a student, or newly wed. I love its Mennonite gentleness, and the stories behind the recipes. Extending the Table, for the same reasons.

Angela said...

Yes- totally agree with Jackie about More With Less. My battered old copy is over 30 yrs old and still in use.

We've been a 2person household for a while now, and I have got into the habit of splitting loaves, packs of meat etc BEFORE freezing so I only can easily defrost a small amount.

The other thing I often do is cook up some sort of savoury meaty sauce, enough for 6 portions - then serve it at 3 meals with different carbs [rice, mash, pasta, in a pie...] and veg accompaniment [salad, carrots, baked beans etc]

When I went off to Uni, my brother said that for almost a month, Mum kept forgetting and setting a place for me at table, then going off to weep in the kitchen. I was like too that when Liz went. You have been warned!!!

You are so much in my thoughts and prayers as this new phase of life begins for you all. blessings xx

Morgan said...

@Jackie - thanks for your input :) I have a copy of that cookbook and will have to dig it out from the bookshelves and have a read through again.

@Ang - as above re the book - good to have another recommendation for the same book! As far as setting the table goes, I have already been there in relation to the FH: my dad and his partner came for lunch last Monday and I told one of the girls to get some plates out, and she got 5 out, to which I noted, "No, we need 6" thinking that there were 4 of us [as there used to be] and 2 guests. "No, mum, 5 is fine" came the gentle reply. It'll be something we get used to...the EFG has just noted that we have only 4 nights left of goodnight hugs and then 15 weeks apart, so I think she is beginning to feel apprehensive, but I am trying to be encouraging and positive for her - it is a huge step for her, and I want her to enjoy it all!

Donna Perry said...

I don't comment a lot but just wanted to say I do think about you a lot (even though I don't 'know' you) and hope that you are getting on well. I think you and your girls are coping remarkably well.

My twin daughters have just started high school and I feel bereft, so I can only imagine what you are going through.

Best wishes to you all


Morgan said...

@Donna - good to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words xxx

rabbitquilter said...

I have always sliced and frozen any leftover meat from a roast, also I divide a Doorstep loaf into packs of 4 slices for No2 son's lunches and my Weight Watcher loaf (I know it's not proper bread, but I like it!!)into thirds, as bread seems to go mouldy so quickly. I still have trouble with portion control, No1 son has a large appetite and I still seem to cook far too much even though he has been married and gone for 2 years!!! I usually freeze the extra and every-so-often we have a 'use it up' week! Wishing EFG good luck and love in her new venture.XXX