Monday, 8 September 2014

Beetroot chutney recipes for Andrea

Andrea has asked for the beetroot chutney recipe.......I google myself these days, Andrea!  If you know that there is a recipe in the archive here somewhere, the easiest thing to go is to go to Google and put in "growing in the fens beetroot chutney" [for example] and the relevant posts will appear.

I know that I post recipes on here, but I don't always remember when I posted them, and I am far from organised enough to tag posts, so I resort to good old Google.

Here are the links to the beetroot chutney recipes I have posted in the past - the Sainsbury's magazine one and my mum's.  I hope the chutney turns out well, Andrea, and thanks for your comment xxx


Solihull Writers Workshop said...

Morgan, why don't you put a search bar actually on your blog? It's really easy to install if you go to the design page of your blog and will enable you and anyone else to find something you have written on your blog. I use mine all the time as I can never remember which article had the relevent piece of information I'm looking for or someone elsewhere asks me for a recipe.

Morgan said...

@SWW - no sooner suggested than done! Thank you - I didn't know I could do that x

Angela said...

I did that on my blog but it only seems to work half the time. A work colleague offered me some beetroot last week - hoping she remembers that I am in school tomorrow! I would like to try this chutney recipe

Andrea Williams said...

Thanks Morgan and it never entered my head to google your blog....:)I remembered you posting it but I just could not find it!