Friday, 5 September 2014

Nearly there

The EFG sent me this photo from a pit-stop they had about 40 miles south of Jedburgh.  They have arrived in Cupar, and are safely at the YFG's god-parents' house for the night, and another friend, Ruth, has come to see them too - a lovely surprise.  We have known Ruth since the EFG was a baby - she made her marvellous Christening gown.

They will do the last leg of the journey in the morning and should hope to arrive in Aberdeen before lunchtime so that they can get the EFG unloaded and unpacked, and squeeze in a quick trip to Lidl before my sister comes back to Cupar for the night.  We thought that the EFG should take advantage of my sister being there with the car to stock up on a few tins and packets whilst she has the opportunity, as she will be carrying her shopping on foot or on the bus in future!

I think she'll be seeing a good few fields of sheep in Aberdeenshire.  The agriculture at home here is far more arable, and I know of only one field of sheep in the vicinity!

I'm going to stick my neck out and say that this might be the car park at the Jedburgh Woollen Mill, but it might equally not be!  I shall ask when I speak with the EFG.  The WM was a favourite stop of my dad's when he used to drive up to Cupar to see us, and I know that my sister was going to use his route, rather than ours which used to involve the A66 and the M74.  He preferred the A1 most of the way.

The YFG is feeling a wee bit lonely tonight, but it hasn't stopped her getting her sewing machine set up in the EFG's room, on her lovely big desk and beginning a new creation of some kind. I'm going up there in a minute to see what she is up to!


ciao said...

H, don't think it is the W.mill car park but looks like Jedburgh, stopped there a few times and never noticed that view of course they could have cut trees down ... The weather up north today is cold and wet but Aberdeen is a lot further north from us in Northumberland.
Take care Love M xxxxxxxxxxx

SusanM said...

I recognise Jedburgh Abbey in the background. We camped near there in the summer hols. Not sure what the building is on the right hand side though.

Morgan said...

@ciao - Hi, good to hear from you! She says that they passed through some showers between Cupar and Aberdeen but that the weather in Aberdeen is now [late afternoon] dry and brighter. xxx

@SusanM - been years since we were there so I have no idea either!