Monday, 15 September 2014

In the kitchen

Bright and early on a busy Monday morning and there is a lasagne cooking away in the oven, ready for the YFG's supper tonight.  I've got a meeting to go to at the school this afternoon, and a church meeting tonight so I thought it would be good to get it made and ready for her to "ping" in the microwave later on.  There are four portions in the pan, so she will have another one later in the week, and some will be stashed away in the freezer for another week.  I shall be doing the same trick with a chicken casserole later this week.

There were actually six portions when I dished it out.

The menu for this week looks like this:

Monday - Lasagne for the YFG and chicken liver & veg for me.
Tuesday - Baked potato and beans/tuna/cheese/salad, etc combinations
Wednesday - Chicken thigh & sweet potato casserole
Thursday - Risotto
Friday - Lasagne for the YFG and sausages for me
Saturday - Fish and chips [from the freezer] for the YFG and river cobbler and veg for me....

There are things I can't eat, which means I can't share all that the YFG wants to eat.  We have to adapt some of the meals to tweak them so that there is a version I can eat as well as the one she wants to enjoy.  All that I have bought specifically for this menu is the sweet potatoes, as we have got everything else in the store cupboards, freezer or vegetable rack.

Whilst I have got the oven on, I am going to pop a tray of flapjack in, and then use up some spotty bananas by making some banana and walnut cake, so I'd better get on.  See you later!


rabbitquilter said...

Good Grief!! We were all up early this morning then!! I had to take my Stepmother for an eye appointment at the big hospital in town, and was dreading it - because lack of parking it can make the trip quite fraught! Someone was on my side and at 9 o'clock I had spaces to choose from!! Unheard of!! I was so grateful!! Also, to finish the day off very nicely, I found I had won £35 on the 'bonus ball' at Stepmother's sheltered housing home!! Yay-hey!! Early night tonight though! XX

Morgan said...

Congratulations on your win, RQ! Do something nice with the windfall, I hope? Good to hear from you xxx