Thursday, 13 June 2013

New favourite inspiration websites

I'm sure that all you crochet fans out there are well aware of the amazing talent that is Lucy at Attic24, but I just discovered her in my recent desire to learn to crochet.  She has some really clear tutorials and sets everything out so that it is easily understood, and there are several things that I want to try soon!  I love the summer Granny squares, the cowl for winter snuggling and the jolly bunting triangles.  I am also loving all the pictures I am coming across on Pinterest, which are a massive inspiration.

There is also the lovely Heather over at LittleTinBird who also has some great tutorials.  She posts a list of finished items in her right hand sidebar which might make one drool!

I am off to the Knit and Natter in the morning so I shall expand my square by another few rounds, and then I  might finish it and try some little squares.  The whole thing of choosing colours to combine is quite exciting.

Apart from all that, the FH has had a restful day, spending the morning in bed mostly asleep and then having his cousin visiting this afternoon.  He hasn't got any major commitments in the next few days, so he can continue to get his breath back, so to speak.  I, on the other hand, have to go back to gymnastics tomorrow and Saturday, which is going to come hard after having Saturday off for Lincoln and Tuesday off for recuperating.

I was very glad that the forecast gusty winds didn't actually materialise here in the strength that was predicted, but there was enough to give my poor broad bean plants quite a bashing today.  The humidity levels have been a little oppressive here today, and we have felt the need to have the windows open, which has been tricky with the breeze.

Cost cutting wise, I have just been very brave and let the girls trim the length of my looks fine in a ponytail, it will soon grow again, and I just saved myself £7 or £8!  I have got to get my head around my tax return and my tax credits form this month, as well as finding time to get some more Faith & Worship work done - I need to get two exegeses done before my tutor retires at the end of July and I get passed over to a new one.  I shall be very very sad to see him go, although I wish him very well in his retirement.  He is a very holy man, one whom you just know is deeply in touch with God, and just by being in his company for a little while, one feels that bit closer to God oneself somehow.  I shall miss him.

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