Monday, 17 June 2013

Morning Observations

Some things never change, and I have done the Monday monitorings of the electricity meter [usage down quite considerably this week, somehow...] and of the bank accounts.

The FH has had a sleepless night, despite his sleeping tablet, so he is snoozing this morning, and expects to remain prone until sometime later, he said!  The weather isn't very inspiring for him - the Warfarin seems to make him feel the cold more than the rest of us, so he is always chilly lately.  It is overcast here this morning and there has been some drizzle already.  I have watered the runner bean plants which are just emerging from the soil, and I have also watered the places where I hope that more spring onion and dwarf bean seedlings shall soon appear!  I had to sow more dwarf beans yesterday and then sprinkle the area with slug pellets as the first sowing had not survived the slug attack.  The greenhouse has also had a good soaking this morning, or rather the plants within it have...

The blackbirds nesting in the shelter of the workshop have at least three hatchlings [nestlings?] now, as I saw three little beaks pointing skywards yesterday.  They are not cheeping at all, so presumably they know to be quiet to maintain their hiding place.  The two parent birds are being kept very busy around the garden and neighbouring gardens, arriving back on the fence with beaks full for their babies.

It's a bit too damp to put the chicks out on the grass yet, so I'll see whether it gets warmer later and then they can go out.  They aren't very amused this morning that I have had to hang a load of washing on the indoor lines in the verandah above them, and the wind makes the clothes flap a little which unsettles them - chickens are always frightened of attack from above - but they will get used to it.

Busy day today, so had better get on - hoping for some crochet time tonight.  YFG has to go to the dentist after school, so she is not looking forward to that, but she has chipped a tooth and it is sore, so she has to go.

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simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Sympathy to YFG, I'm just back from having a filling- HATE IT!