Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Taking some time

Remembering how I felt when I had a general anaesthetic to have my wisdom tooth out years ago, I negotiated some space this week, so that if the FH just wanted to sleep, he could.  I wangled the night off from gymnastics tonight so that I could get some rest after the weekend busy-ness, and I put off an appointment till next month.

One day after the op, and he went out this afternoon with a beekeeping mate to supervise the collection of a swarm of bees from a school playing field over the river.  I did tell the chap that the FH was to do nothing but advise.  They have made arrangements to go and have a look around an auction in the morning, and the chap is picking him up at 8.50am.  And now I hear that another beekeeping friend is coming to pick him up tomorrow afternoon to go and have a look at the man's hives.....at least if the FH collapses with this chap, he is the village doctor!

The YFG has had a couple of days at home with what has turned out to be a water infection but after a long trip to the doctor's this morning, she will be back to school tomorrow.  She's a lot better, and I have been giving her plenty to drink - she will soon float!

And I have been pottering today.  I have written a reference for a church friend who has just been offered a job, made some tickets for a church event and delivered them to the lady who is selling them, I've done washing, organised all the recycling for the collection tomorrow, cooked the tea, had a chat with my sister on the phone, done some ironing, sowed more seeds in the garden and hoed the seedlings just coming through, had a one-sided chat with the blackbird nesting in the garden, and emptied the water-butt by watering all my pots and seeds - we need rain!

I've also watched a youtube video on how to join the yarn in crochet, so I'll be trying that tomorrow.  The square has used up a 50g ball of wool, so I want to add in another colour now but I have to undo some of the current round so that I don't have two colours in one round, as there isn't enough of the current colour to finish the round.

Off to bed now with the book that I started whilst we were waiting at the surgery this morning - one can read quite a few chapters in an hour with no distractions!

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