Saturday, 29 June 2013

Charity Shopping spree

After a busy morning at the gym, we went into town to find the YFG some wellies for the trenches in Belgium this week.  A shop is closing down, and when we went in, there were only four pairs of wellies on a high shelf, so I asked the assistant if any of them were the appropriate size, hoping that the £28 pair weren't going to be the ones, but you can just guess that they were!  Luckily, as it is closing, the shop is offering 70% off the marked prices, so we paid just over £9 for them - quite a bargain as they are very good wellies!

We came home after that and had some lunch.  We readied ourselves and the FH put on his "going out" clothes, so we all went off to Ely, where I think the charity shops have a slightly better selection of donations than our local ones.  

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We struck gold in the very first one, for the BHF, where the YFG found a strapless black evening dress which is quite decent [however I have described it - sorry!] and which will be perfect for the black tie evenings on the cruise.  The EFG also found a top in there.

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Oxfam sadly didn't furnish us with any further bargains, but another charity shop further along the street was well worth a good rummage, and we found a couple more items in there - a cardigan for the YFG and another top for the EFG, I think.

After that, we had a look in a shop called "Select" which yielded three dresses - two similar ones in different colours for the YFG and one for the EFG in a floral fabric, which she and I both loved.  We need to find some accessories for it, but it is really nice - and they were all in the sale!

If we can go back and look over the various charity shops and the "cheaper" shops in the area over the next two months, I think we will be able to supplement their existing wardrobes with enough items that they will be respectable on the holiday.  We also want to take advantage of the Tesco Double Up voucher offer, but we have only days left to do that!

A friend did suggest that I should crochet them some clothes but somehow I don't think I am up to that just yet!  I have enjoyed doing more squares on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning at chapel, and the ladies there have been very encouraging!  

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