Thursday, 6 June 2013


Harnessing the power of positive thinking today as I have been getting a little stressed about the FH's op on Monday.  These things do carry an element of risk but he is having it done in a world-leading hospital so I have to have some faith in the staff there.

Positive news:

  • I am having my first real crochet lesson in the morning at the knit & natter group at the chapel - I have lined up a lady to give me some pointers and help me out!  I am so looking forward to this, as I hope I will be able to get going a little more.
  • My Shop&Scan rewards account is growing nicely and within two more weeks, I will have amassed 50,000 points, which I can cash out as £50 in vouchers.  I may have different plans for that £50 now than I had earlier in the year, as I am thinking about getting myself a tablet - perhaps a Kindle Fire.  I'm only thinking about it at this stage....doing some research...looking at the options.  I might wait a while too, as I am not desperate for one, either!
  • The YFG achieved the highest mark in her class in her end-of-Y9 science exam getting 69/75 so I am one very proud mummy! 
  • We successfully appointed a new KS2 teacher today at school, after two rounds of applications and interviews.  It looked doomed to start with, but the right candidate turned up on the day and we were very impressed with her.  
  • We have our travel plans ready for Saturday, when the EFG is taking me to the uni open day there.  We have to be at the train station by 8am, which I am not looking forward to, but if I try to think positively about it, I can look forward to the dawn chorus, I suppose!!  We will be about two hours getting there, and then she has chosen various talks and walks-round to look at the science department and the accommodation.  It is beginning to look rather real all of a sudden...

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