Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Busy day all round

(picture by the YFG)

It all started very early here this morning as the YFG had to be at school so early to catch the bus to Kew Gardens in London.  The weather was glorious this morning and it was a real treat to be up and about so early!  I deposited her at school and was home again before the EFG left to catch the bus at 7.55am.

Washing on the line, chooks out and fed, garden and greenhouse watered and lettuces planted by lunchtime. A school meeting at 1pm, home again and then off to town to the Post office to get the passport applications sent off.......that took a while!  Thence to gymnastics and eventually home again at 8.30pm to a home cooked meal of roast turkey leg, roast potatoes and green veg, courtesy of the FH and the EFG.  They had also been and picked up the YFG on her return from London.  

 Money has been jiggled about to pay for the passports for now, so it won't look quite right until Dad refunds me, but I know what I have done, so it is all OK there.  

I received some seeds in the post today which I ordered at the tail end of last week through an offer I found - they arrived safely and in good packaging.  The seeds are not out of date, and there are a good number of seeds in the packet, so I don't hesitate to let you have the link and there are still seeds for sale at good prices.  I ordered some of the most popular things which we grow, and so we are nearly set for next year's summer salads and vegetables, for about £5!  Definitely worth a look if you grow anything - they also have flower seeds on there in a different section, but I didn't buy any of those this time.


Frantic's Antics said...

OOh, thanks for the link for the seeds! xx

Jo said...

The firm certainly seem to have a good variety of seeds on sale. Hope you get a good crop.