Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mini rant

Listening to the radio on the way home from gymnastics tonight, I remembered why I stopped watching Britain's Got Talent.  It was the gushing way people thank others nowadays that is really irritating to me - and laughable as well.  "Thank you SO much!" they gush. What is wrong with a plain but heartfelt, "Thank you"?  When did this "so much" get added in?

And then there is the "little man" thing.  I know three families now with small male children, and they all speak of the child as a "little man" - why?  We don't call girls, "little women" - the closest I have ever heard to that is my aunt who used to affectionately call us girls, "my woman" when she was addressing us - as children of 8+, I seem to remember.  A small male child is a boy - so why not use that, or the child's name?  Now that would be novel!

Today, you will have guessed, I am feeling a little out-of-sorts: I have a headache and a very sore throat and I have just endured three hours of gymnastics, feeling not quite all there, and with the Head Coach in a minor grouch because two coaches will not be there on Saturday, and although I told him weeks ago that I was taking the EFG to UEA, the other coach just told him tonight that she is going to a party........cue a slightly grumpy man.

Tomorrow I was going to go to Cambridge to a UCAS fair that the EFG is going to, so that I could scout round more stands asking questions of other universities, so that we could eliminate some without travelling too far!  I don't feel up to the trek now, so I will just have to hope that the EFG can disengage from her friends or drag them with her as she seems to be the only one of them serious about going to uni, so they aren't going to be that focussed.  She's got a list of stands she needs to look at, and I will wish her well in the morning.

I shall try to be more positive in the morning........and if any of you have boys, and call them "little men", just carry on and ignore me ;)


Meanqueen said...

Feel free to mini rant, I agree with you on those two points. Another one that bugs me is 'simples', what is that all about? Hope you are feeling better soon.

Varis Creations said...

Know how you feel...don't even get me started on "literally" which seems to be added in completely the wrong context to alot of peoples sentances these days :)

Doesn't time fly! It still feels like yesterday the the EFG and L were at playgroup. Good luck with the university choices. L has found her ideal course at the University of the highlands & Islands in Inverness so is aiming for that, with next year at the local college building her art portfolio. She is working at weekends now as well so hopefully she will be able to keep that up.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Susan xx

Morgan said...

The EFG has the chance of a job but she has to wait for the current employee to move on, but it has been sort-of promised to her in the long run...they need to start saving their own cash soon! Good for L with her plans - I hope it all works out for her xxx

Wannabe Sybil said...

Sending hugs and prayers. It is such a crazy time of life when you are looking at the colleges/universities. Fingers crossed! WS xxx