Sunday, 23 June 2013

Thoughts on UEA on Saturday

It all began so well.  We turned off the A47 onto a side road which lead to Colney, and we travelled through  fields and heavily wooded areas, and it looked like a lovely area in the countryside.

Indeed, when we arrived, we were marshalled into a large car park with plenty of green areas around us.  It looked quite pleasant, and the sun was shining, the birds were tweeting in the trees, and it was a positive impression.

There was even a lovely flower garden between the car park and the main campus where we saw a rabbit, which scampered away before I could get the phone out to take a picture!

But then it all began to look remarkably similar.  Concrete.  Blocks.  Grey.  Slightly dingy.

Lots of square buildings.

Weird back of the award winning Grade II listed residences.

Chaplaincy and one of the eateries, outside the Union Bar, where lots of people sat on the steps and watched some blokes singing.

The front aspect of the Ziggurat residences - the award winning ones.

Do you get the idea?  Lots and lots of concrete.

Yes, she would only have to live in the student accommodation there for the first year, but she really felt that this was not the environment she wanted to live and study, work and socialise in for three years.

There are some lovely green areas, parkland and a lake, I do admit, but she has decided.  And if I am honest, I can't blame her - I don't think it would be for me, either.  The Science department is very good, though, and seems very popular.

We're off to York a week on Wednesday - wondering what she will think to that?!

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Mrs. Mac said...

I think your daughter is on to something .. needing to be inspired by her surroundings for her studies. I don't 'get' the concrete blocks either. Have a beautiful week.