Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Thanks abound

First of all, I have to thank my lovely buddy who has sent me the crochet book - it arrived this morning!  So excited to have a look through it and see all the glorious colours and patterns that of course I want to be able to make NOW!  No patience at all, me!  I have sat here tonight and got my head around holding the hook and the yarn now, I think, and I have made a long chain of stitches and even gone back along doing double crochet once.  Turning and going back again seems a little tricky, so maybe I will leave that for tonight whilst I am still pleased with what I have done so far - always best to put it down on a positive note, I think.

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I have also received my AF parcel - they had a "free delivery if you spend £50" offer on last week, so I stocked up on some goodies.  I have now distributed them about the place, some hidden in plain sight and some just plain hidden, in an attempt to make them all last more than about 4 days!  We got some lemon and herb seasoned coating for chicken from Maggi in the parcel so the pan fried glazed chicken which was on the menu for tonight became chicken goujons in that - the FGs both said, quite independently, that they were like posh chicken nuggets.  They were served with green veg, so not too bad on the health front, one hopes.

The chapel cleaning was finished this morning, and the meetings happened at school this afternoon.  The girls did more book cataloguing for me whilst I was in the meetings, and they processed over 800 books between them in just over 2 hours - way to go!  They are really very helpful and I am very proud of them both.  

Tonight I have had a bath and done some knitting as well as the crochet practise.  

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My dad has returned from his latest cruise, to the Baltic capitals and St Petersburg, so I had a quick catch up with him on the phone tonight - he met the doctor on the cruise who was the doctor who "saved his life" [his words] when he was very ill some years ago on a Caribbean cruise.  The doctor remembered him, and thought he looked so much better this time - he had to visit the doctor because he had not packed enough of one of his heart medications but they were able to help him with that - £4 for the pills and £50 to see the doctor....

We have made arrangements today with UJ to come over on Sunday for lunch and then he will stay with the girls whilst we go to his house on Sunday evening ready for the early morning move to Papworth on Monday.  I may well pop over to my dad's whilst the FH is at the hospital as I am sure I won't sit there all day with him.  UJ has done some hoeing in the veg beds today, and we both thought that the land has dried out so much over the last few days that some rain would be very welcome.  Not too much, just a little overnight rain to water the land.  The courgettes and lettuces in particular are growing well.

I'm off to read now - early start tomorrow as we are interviewing yet again at school.

Good night all xx


Angela said...

Enjoy your crochet! Glad Dad is fine, hope FH does OK at Papworth xx

Jenny said...

I have a couple of crochet magazines that I don't want any more. :)

Let me know if you want them - there are some cute projects in them!