Monday, 24 June 2013

One step at a time

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The photos are taken, the forms are filled in and countersigned by an appropriate person, and the envelopes are ready to be taken to the Post Office to be Checked and Sent tomorrow.  What a day!

You may be forgiven for thinking that we have gone astray from the frugal track, but we haven't!  I still did the Monday monitorings this morning, and the electricity readings.  All is well.  The bank accounts are going to take a bashing when I pay for the passport applications tomorrow but Dad will refund me that in time, so that is not so bad.

We are eating lettuces from the garden, the spring onions are going great guns, and so is the beetroot.  The courgettes probably need more watering and although the beans I grew in pots and then planted out are growing quite well, the dwarf beans I sowed directly into the ground have failed to come to anything yet.  The runner beans I sowed around the old swing frame are growing slowly.  I shall plant one more lot of beans into pots in the hope of something germinating this time, but that will be that.  In the greenhouse, all is looking lush, and the cucumber plants are growing rather rampant and need tying up.  There's work whichever way I look!

It was a surprise to me to find that the blackbird chicks have fledged and gone - they were in the nest on Saturday morning when I let the chooks out before I went to Norwich, but they had gone by early on Sunday morning.  Hopeful that they all made it, but shocked at how quickly it all happened - 8 days from the first chick to all gone!

Tomorrow the YFG is off to Kew Gardens and needs to be at school at 7.40am, so I need to be up rather sharpish in the morning!  Hoping she takes some photos we can share.

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