Saturday, 8 June 2013

Near miss

The FH has been taking Warfarin for some months now in preparation for the cardioversion op now scheduled for Monday.  In order for it to take place, the INR or level of Warfarin in his blood has to be over 2.0.

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Last week at the clinic, the level was 3.8 which was very comfortable, and the nurse set the dosage appropriately.  

He missed one dose last Saturday night - he missed all his pills as I set them out in the pot for him to take and then I went to sleep.  When I went to do the morning ones, they still sat there in the pot!  

We had to confess to the nurse yesterday morning and she held her breath a little whilst the machine calculated this week's reading - it was dead on 2.0!  She has upped the dosage a little and warned us to be very careful about making sure he takes it over the weekend so that the level doesn't dip by Monday.  You can be sure I am watching him to make sure he takes the pills this weekend!

I am up early this morning to get the early train to Lincoln with the EFG.  Off now to wake her up.  I already have the washing machine on with the school uniform whizzing round so that I don't have that to worry about when I get home.  I will be slipping my crochet into my bag so that I can have a quick go on the train.

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Wannabe Sybil said...

Keeping all crossed. Once it becomes more of a rhythm then I think it will be fine. My uncle has been on warfarin for ages now and it is going really well so hopefully FH will find it easy. WS xxx