Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Not a stitch

I am almost having withdrawal symptoms as I haven't done a stitch of crochet since before the weekend as life has just been so busy this week!  Today has been another gorgeous day so I have been doing laundry like fury to take advantage of the drying weather, as well as changing beds, gardening, taking the FH for a warfarin check up and then taking him to Sainsbury's, and then a governors' meeting tonight.

I think it does the FH good to go shopping occasionally: he pottered around with the not-overfull trolley and then his jaw dropped when the checkout operator announced the total.  Yes, my love - prices are rising and this is what we are dealing with on a day to day basis, and this is why I spend time stock piling, budgeting and saving!  I think that people like him who do not actually step foot in a shop from one month to another lose track of prices very quickly - he was astounded at the price of a litre of skimmed UHT milk, for example!

I have made my first payment today to Compassion UK for my sponsored child, which has prompted me to think about writing to her, so I am making some notes as I think of what I would like to include in my letter.

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