Thursday, 13 June 2013

Money in, money out

It's ebbing and flowing here this month - comes in in one hand, and there is a bill in the other hand waiting for it!

I have just bought two new gas canisters [47kg ones] for the gas hob, at a cost of £124, delivered from an outlet some miles away for only three pounds so a total of £127.  And that includes deposits of £10 on each bottle because they don't take away other people's bottles so I have now got four standing there!  Quick calculation means that the gas itself has cost me £104, or £52 a bottle.  Rather an improvement on the local supplier, [a Skoda garage on a certain roundabout for those in the know] who wanted £75 a bottle, and £5 to deliver!  And there was no deposit in that either because I have two of his bottles.....Pays to shop around.  Hopefully those two bottles will see us through to this time next year.

And then there is the Fiesta's get-me-through-the-MOT bill - £142.42.

And I have a toothache.

Let's look on the bright side.  The FH has exhausted himself this week and is having the morning asleep in bed, so I can watch a DVD whilst I do the heap of ironing still awaiting me; I have a hooky afternoon planned at the chapel with some other ladies for the Thursday afternoon club, and I may even make cake to take along.  Then the YFG has a piano lesson, and we have to go to school tonight for a meeting about her upcoming overnight Battlefields trip.  She gets to request her room-mate tonight, so I have told her to make final plans for that today!  Dinner has come out of the freezer and is thawing.

Green veg?  Inspire me, please.  The Warfarin-induced lack of green leafy/cruciferous veg is getting a tad tedious for the FH.  He has now decided that he doesn't like green beans, and that leaves me with asparagus, which he doesn't like after it has been frozen, so only fresh - limited season there, and it is coming to a close.  I have got some broad beans, which are fine, but would get boring day after day.  I have salads in the garden nearly ready for eating, and I think that he might have to embrace beans sometime soon - not the baked variety...Any inspiration welcome!

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Lesley said...

Hi Morgan,

I've been away from the computer for a few days! I love the lupins photo, very pretty. I am so glad that FH's op went well. When it comes to veg, I've found has a lot of useful ways to use up veg. Love Lesley x