Monday, 24 June 2013

Special surprise

Fjords R313
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Grandads can do the most amazing things, it seems!  My dad came to see us yesterday with news that he would like to take the girls on a week long cruise to the Norwegian fjords in August.  He's footing the bill for everything, but I have the race against time to organise the passports...

Frantically searching for the birth certificates this morning, the YFG's was where it is supposed to be, but the EFG's was missing - she had taken it with her on a trip somewhere when she may have been required to verify her age, and after several phone calls with her on her lunch break, I found her room, in a heap!

I have sent emails to various people to ask them to countersign the applications - I don't know who will agree and who has a passport of their own [one of the conditions of being a signatory] so I have asked a few!

This afternoon I need to go to the post office to pick up the application forms, and we are going to the photo booth to get new photos taken for the application forms, and we will be filling in forms tonight!


silversewer said...

The Lupins on your header are they in your garden??? If so I would love a seed pod from a couple of them. I badlt want some more lupins at the top end of the garden and just cannot afford to buy any more plants.

I will be your friend for ever...LOL


PS hope the passport application goes ok. I need to renew ran out last year.

Angela said...

How absolutely wonderful! I am sure the girls will love their trip with Grandad - how generous of him. I hope all the passport stuff goes smoothly x

Varis Creations said...

I've just been doing L's passport application - and did our own photos and uploaded them to to be printed. If you go via quidco you can get a discount code and 5% cashback.

What a lovely surprise :) I'm sure the girls will have a lovely time.

Susan xx

Morgan said...

@Anne - no, they are in UJ's garden but I will ask him to keep me some. I am sure he will oblige!

@Ang - Thanks!

@Susan - thanks for the tip but I have already spent £10 on a photo booth job and the applications will be going in the post in the morning via the Check & Send service at the Post Office, as I cannot afford them to get sent back to me with mistakes! Thanks for the info, though, and hopefully someone else will be able to use that idea - or me when I need to renew my own passport eventually!