Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mid-month money monitor

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We haven't been able to do much locking away of money this half of the month, yet anyway!  We have been spending a little more than normal and I have been doing some stocking up.

Yesterday, I hit Lidl, Sainsburys and Tesco in a 90 minute trip around town.  I bought mostly veggies and fruit in Lidl because they are the best quality and most reasonably priced I have found around here, although I do get large oranges from Sainsburys too, just because no other shop sells them.  I went to Sainsburys for a special offer on lunchbox bars for the EFG - she is restricting her calories and enjoys Alpen Light bars at 70 calories each for a treat, and Sainsburys have the best range of flavours as well as the special offer on them.  She may have to change brands when the offers are done, though!

And then I went to Tesco.

There were special offers and reduced prices around galore, so I stocked up, as during last month's Tesco-free experience, some holes appeared in my storage!

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Flour is down to 45p a bag, so I got two of each kind this week.  This is down from 52p a bag, and I will get more if it holds that price.  I bought branded Angel Delight because the own brand was more expensive because there was an offer on the branded stuff.  3 for £1 or 54p each!  I have lots of cheap own brand in vanilla from App Foods, but Butterscotch and Chocolate were purchased yesterday - 3 of each.  They will keep for ages.  I bought sachets of sugar free jelly as well on offer - the EFG loves jelly too.  Again, they will keep for ages.  The FH is still craving cold desserts a lot as he says that they "cool his stomach" so we are making a lot of jellies, Angel Delight-type puds, cold custard, etc to keep him happy!  I do also buy him some yogurt now and again but he isn't as keen on that.

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We replenished the cleaning cupboard with some Fairy Liquid - I will always buy the real thing, but only on offer, so I stock up whenever I can, but I was on my last bottle so I was very glad to see an offer on this yesterday.  It really does last so much longer than the cheap stuff, and doesn't affect my hands.

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Persil 4.25kg packs are on offer at half price for £6 so I grabbed two of those.  They are supposed to be 50 wash packs, but they each last me at least two months, if not longer, doing many more than 50 washes! I use less than the recommended dose, I know, but the washing still comes out clean, even on a quick wash.  The 25 wash pack is still available and being sold in the shop for £7 - and I saw people actually buying it....

All in all, I plugged the holes in our store cupboards, including buying a sack of rabbit food, and feel more secure in the knowledge that the cupboards won't be bare this month.

Overall, I know that I have spent most of the month's budget already, but I feel that we have most of what we need to make it through the rest of the month without spending too much more.  Having paid the car repair bill, the gas bottle bill, and another school trip for the YFG, I know the bills are paid, and what we have is our own, for now!  

Over the rest of the month, I know I will need to fill up my car with diesel for the trip to UEA next Saturday, and we'll probably need more fruit before the end of the month, as well as carrots, mushrooms, etc, but we are pretty well stocked up.

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Frugal Queen said...

Thanks for the heads up on flour - great news on the other savings - lidl had large ariel liquid for 3.99 too - I stocked up on that - I think cheap soap is a false economy