Thursday, 27 June 2013

A morning's work

This is what the FH got up to in the workshop this morning - these plastic drawers used to fit into a plastic unit but they got stuck and wouldn't glide and were increasingly frustrating to use, so he has re-purposed them into a little unit for me.  I think it needs a lick of paint, and then it will be perfect.  

I've been busy in the garden.  Watering the lettuces I planted yesterday,

and the dwarf beans which have finally decided to emerge!

I have also cut the back lawn.  This was a much bigger task than it sounds!  First I had to strim it all as it was knee-high in grass and weeds, then I mowed it with the lawn mower twice to get it down to a reasonable level.  It is not Wimbledon quality lawn, and it is full of weeds still, so it will have to be treated with something like Verdone if I still have any in the cupboard...  add to the mowing the moving of the lawn furniture and the chicks' outside run, and my arms are aching!

My final task for the morning was planting out another batch of lettuces.

So this afternoon I am off to chapel to the Thursday afternoon group which I help with, where I will be able to sit and crochet for the first time this week, in between making cups of tea for the ladies!


Kim @ Lavender Fields Forever said...

what a great idea for the draws. We have the same draws with the same problem, would you mind if I "borrowed" your idea?

Morgan said...

@Kim - of course not! Go for it! I have them in the bathroom now, practising to see if they do the job I thought they might. I'm not going to paint them yet until I decide where they are going to live permanently...