Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Some numbers


One hundred pounds raised on our cake stall at the Christmas Fayre on Sunday afternoon.


Two really late nights have made me really tired!


Three people in this household have got a cold, and we are all "bung dup"
 and it isn't fun!


Four sleeps until the weekend, and I can't wait...Saturday afternoon we are having the Christmas Songs of Praise and Nativity Play.  The children have been rehearsing well, and it is going to be fab.

It is also the number of guests we are now expecting on Christmas Day to share our lunch - one older chap and a young mum and her two darlings.  The girls are really excited to be having people round on the big day as we don't usually.

Almost five thousand pounds socked away into the fund this year - I will achieve it by the end of the month - I am determined....just about £400 to go and I am pretty sure where that will come from.  Our future is getting more secure.  I am becoming more confident about riding the waves in the rougher seas to come.


The number of pounds I want to lose to get to my target weight - I don't think that will be achieved this side of 2013, but I will happily carry that one over the New Year.


In eight days' time, I plan to marzipan the Christmas cakes, so that I can ice them on the weekend before the  big day.


Nine days to wait for a delivery from Rosspa.co.uk which is my answer to coping with the shopping.  Having  his birthday on a Tuesday was just bad management this year [joking!], as it means that the shops will be heaving for about five days beforehand, and I need things like grapes and bananas that I can't buy and freeze - I have to get them fresh....so they are coming in a home delivery.  I was too late to get a slot from a supermarket, so I thought laterally and went for Rosspa rather than AF as I knew I could get fruit and veg from them too.  And bargain prices into the deal.


Probably another ten dozen mince pies will need to be made this week.  For Thursday, for Friday, for Saturday......all church events!
[Weakening at the thought......anyone want to send me some - there is a recipe on here somewhere!]

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Bryallen said...

Great post idea! Well done on all your achievements, especially the cake sale! :)