Thursday, 20 December 2012

Present preps

I have had one of those pre-Christmas days when you have to do things that can't be done any earlier and then all have to be done at once!

The FH is back in bed with a bad foot, so he has been out of action.  Consequently I had to take his friend to the shop and Post Office this morning to get his pension and do his tiny bit of shopping - a sparrow would have trouble living on what he bought!  He seems to manage, though, and eats out several times a week.

After giving the FH some lunch, and doing some preparation work for Sunday's service, I went to town with one of the older ladies from chapel to see a very old [96years] lady who has been taken in to a home there since she collapsed at home in October.  We only saw her for about 15 minutes, but she seems very pleased to be in the home, and thinks it is like a holiday, although she is aware, and told us, that this will be her home for the rest of her life.  Bless her.  "They" [the hospital, the ambulance staff....?]have lost her teeth, so she has been seen by someone to take impressions to get some new ones, but at present hasn't any, so she looks quite different, and she didn't recognise us, but when we told her who we were, she remembered things about us, and when I told her who I was, she mentioned the YFG's name too.

Whilst in town, I went to the Co-op to spend some vouchers they had sent me from dividends, which expire at the end of the month.  I failed to use last year's so I wasn't going to let that happen again!  £16odd of treats and I paid just 45p - some bacon-wrapped sausages and stuffing balls for Christmas Day, some chicken thighs, some chocolate, meringue nests, etc - a few treats indeed.  We also picked up the girls from school and brought them home.

Tonight I have made 18 little trays to put the chocolate Rocher-esque truffles in which I have also made for all the teachers, TAs and office staff at the school.  They will get 4 each in a little tray, with a handmade gift tag - it's all home made!  The chocs are in the fridge, with the chocolate coating fresh on them - hoping that they will set overnight and can be packaged early in the morning, as I have to go to school at 8.30am to give out certificates in assembly.

Busy day, and I am off to do a few rows of knitting in bed with a cup of tea.  Night, all xx

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