Monday, 3 December 2012

Baby Cambridge

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The news has reached us this afternoon that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby.  The Duchess has been taken in to hospital today suffering from acute morning sickness.

I am delighted to hear that they are having a baby, but she has my sympathies for the morning sickness, and for being in the early stages of pregnancy over the Christmas period.  The two Christmases which I spent in that condition, having conceived in November both times, were the most miserable I remember!  In fact, in the first one, Christmas Day was the day I threw up the most times........And when you want to be relaxing and enjoying spending time with the family, it is hard going when you feel so rough.

The BBC News tonight is full of speculation over the due date, the succession, and the health of Catherine, since she is ill enough to have been admitted to hospital.  She seems to be in the best place, so I shall just add her to my prayer list, and hope she feels better soon.  Hopefully, she will be blooming before too long.


Angela said...

oh yes- I am so sorry she is sick. I threw up almost the entire pregnancy [both times]
Let's just pray she comes through it ok, and that the press leaves them some space xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

I feel for poor Kate as her life will not be her own now until she gives birth......