Sunday, 30 December 2012

A wee hiccup

Not long after Friday's post, I was fooling around in the kitchen with the girls [I know - I am 40 - too old to be mucking about] and I slipped and fell - whoops! - with a heck of a bang onto the floor.  My back and head got quite a jarring and I have a spectacular bruise in my armpit where I caught it on the edge of the worktop as I fell.  Consequently yesterday I spent much of the day on the sofa, reading, knitting and watching tv or DVDs with the girls.  Today I feel slightly less fragile, but I didn't go to chapel this morning.

This afternoon we had a load of firewood delivered from a friend's son who has set himself up as a woodman - he has won a junior lumberjacking award in Belarus [or somewhere foreign!] and knows what he is doing.  I am full of admiration for him as he is a successful product of home education, and I think he has grown up into a lovely young man - I am sure his mum is very proud.  The wood he brought us is really good, and so we have ordered another load to be delivered in a week or two, whilst he still has seasoned wood in stock.

After that, the FH's cousin and his family arrived for a visit.  We had a good catch up with them, and the lady of the family spent some time helping the FH with his Christmas puzzle.

Tonight I have watched the last ever Wild At Heart on ITV, and been saddened by the end, but also uplifted by the overall storylines, so I was glad I watched it!  Now I am off to have a hot bath and see if it helps my back a little!


Gill - That British Woman said...

you know the older we get the harder we fall!!!

I hope you mend soon, as a sore back is no fun, and I'm guessing your armpit isn't very happy either?


Wannabe Sybil said...

Take care of yourself. Superstition says that a bad fall shakes your soul a little out of your body, and it takes a while to get it settled again. I know you can't be superstitious, but it is a good way of describing the shock that can follow a fall that is more than just the bruise. Also others need to take care of you! Speaking as someone who has had a lot of falls (four dislocated shoulders, dislocated toe, sprained ankles, sprained wrists... I know of what I speak!)

lots of hugs! WS xxx

Mrs. Mac said...

I hope you mend soon from your kitchen fall .. Happy New Year!

Morgan said...

Thanks, all of you!

@WS - although I may not be superstitious, I do understand what you mean! I sat on the floor in total shock at finding myself there for a good few minutes, and I definitely felt quite fragile all day on Saturday. I feel more together this morning, though, and ready to look forward to 2013!

A very Happy New Year to all of you, and yours xx