Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday finances

As I said last Monday, today is my day for keeping track of things, and this morning I have just spent 45 minutes tracking and moving and adding things up!

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I want to share some tips I found on the Australian Simple Savers website, posted by a chap called Stephen Lake.  He seems to have lots of wise sayings to share, and these seem particularly apt:

Successful money managers

1 Have good savings habits
2 Start saving early.
3 Spend less than they earn.
4 Are decisive.
5 Have conservative expectations, live modestly.
6 Live for tomorrow, and plan.
7 Are driven and self motivated.
8 Trust their adviser and provide good information.
9 Invest through good and bad times.
10 Are emotionally secure and mature.
11 Learn at every opportunity
12 Keep good records.

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