Friday, 28 December 2012

Getting back to normal

Just hopping on here quickly to say that things are getting back to normal a little - some of us are up at a more regular hour this morning as I have to take the EFG to an appointment at 9am, and then I will be heading to the chapel to join the Knitting and Nattering for the rest of the morning.

My aunt, cousin and cousin-in-law [is that what one calls one's cousin's husband, do you think?] came yesterday afternoon, and UJ came to meet with them as well, but the other uncle, the one married to the visiting aunt, was not well enough to come, so we wished him well.  He is visiting Papworth hospital this morning to be monitored for 48 hours with his heart problems, so we are thinking about him.  We had a good afternoon but they didn't stay for tea, so I have some food going spare - I will rejig the menu plan for the weekend to accommodate it.

All this rain is getting to be a nuisance - the puddles in the garden are joining forces and becoming lakes, and it is really beginning to look seriously like a paddy field out the back.  I am hoping for some dry weather soon, or at least some freezing weather so that the blooming mud freezes over for a day or two's respite.

It is raining again this morning.

So, I am off to wake up the rest of the gang, and I will hope to be back later to catch up on all your news on your blogs.  A very warm welcome to my two new followers this week.

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