Saturday, 8 December 2012

Catching up

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It seems like time is rushing away from me now, and there is a lot to be done, as is always the case at this time of year.  There are carol services, Christmas concerts (YFG), GCSE presentation evenings (EFG), and services to attend, bazaars to bake for, assemblies at school to support, a little shopping to get done [but not much, thank goodness] and a few decisions to make.  Cleaning the house, decorations to put up, and cards to write and post.

Whew!  I am tired reading that back.  One step at a time!

This week has been hectic, and it isn't over yet.  We have had the usual stuff to do, and then a few extra bits and pieces.  I spent a couple of hours on Wednesday morning unpacking boxes for a friend who was moving - arranging stuff in her kitchen cupboards!

Today I have gym with the YFG and then I have to go to Lidl to get some of their chocolate to melt for the home made Rocher chocolates which I need to have made by tonight, for the bazaar tomorrow.

This afternoon and this evening will be taken up with baking for the bazaar, and I have a friend's two children coming for the night as she is going out to a Christmas "do" with her husband.  I usually spend Saturday evenings relaxing [my one night of the week!], watching Strictly, Merlin and Casualty, whilst knitting.  That may not happen tonight....

Tomorrow we have church, then the bazaar, then at 6pm a play rehearsal for the children who are doing a Christmas play during our Christmas Songs of Praise service next Saturday afternoon.

Health-wise, I am glad to say that my uncle, although admitted to hospital again, has come home and is now waiting for an op to sort his heart out.  He has to rest and take things easy.  My dad has returned from his latest jaunt, a cruise around the Med and to the Canaries, and has come through it none the worse for wear, although a little weak from contracting a bout of the ship's bug just before they got home.  He is doing OK now though.  The FH has something wrong with his ears and is temporarily deaf, resulting in no one wanting to be in the sitting room with him when he is watching tv because we are deafened by the noise level at which he has to have the tv in order to hear it!  He has to go back to the surgery on Monday so hopefully they will sort it out.

Please check out Angela's very timely post this morning about Borrowing and Sharing - an excellent reminder for us all at this time of year.  I'll be back later with my links for my Sharing Saturday.

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Wannabe Sybil said...

I am exhausted just reading that! Glad to hear that your uncle is a little better and at home. WS xxxx