Monday, 31 December 2012

End of the month financial round-up

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This has been an expensive month, which isn't unexpected, given that it has been Christmas, but the expenses have reflected other things beyond the festive celebrations.

  • The chicken food bill was nearly doubled as I had to order enough to see them through to the middle of January.  
  • The grocery figure is quite high as we have had guests for the holidays on quite a few days and have had some different foods which we have enjoyed over the season, but which we don't have all the time.
  • My particular/special food budget has been stretched whilst I made the most of a special offer on some seed bars, which were on offer for a limited time.  
  • The household pot has been stretched by buying a four year supply of washing machine cleaner in an attempt to minimise damage to the machinery by our hard water in this area.  
  • The "other" bit of my budget has also had a dent in it, due to me finally getting round to acquiring some photo frames for some photos of the YFG at her recent gym competitions [she is now up on the wall and looking splendid, so money well spent], posting parcels to friends and relatives at Christmas, paying for the ROSSPA delivery, and having a bulb replaced in my car by Halfords.
  • We invested in the logs from my friend's son...
On a more positive note, though:
  • I used less than one third of the fuel [diesel/petrol] budget.
  • The "activities" pot was hardly dented as there were no payments to make, and piano finished early.
  • We are doing well health-wise and little has been spent on medications.
  • I have discovered that Tesco's ink is OK in the printer, and so I can buy their cartridges at £9 instead of full-price HP versions.
  • Most significantly, I have been entering our electricity meter readings every Monday for a couple of months, and when I went to the website today to enter today's reading, I was delighted to find a message from Scottish Power, saying that our DD will be reduced to £56 a month, leaving an extra £20 a month in our pockets.  Given that at the beginning of the year, we were paying £114 a month to Utility Warehouse, I am thrilled to have halved our electricity bill this year!  We don't seem to be using significantly less, but I think Scottish Power have more reasonable rates.
My 2013 household management folder is all ready for the year to begin tomorrow, and I am hoping to do as well as I have done this year, and maybe even better!  I know that there are areas of spending on which I could improve, but there are things we all do which are peculiar to us and make life worth living.  We each need to decide on our own priorities.  


Mrs. Mac said...

Great job overall .. especially cutting the electricity bill in half!

Bryallen said...

Great job on halving your bill! :)

How economical are chickens? I would love some one day!

Frantic's Antics said...

Super post- we use the big pet supermarket behind Tesco (Hostmoor Ave)- we paid £7 ish/20kg of layers pellets. Don't know if that helps with the chooks?
I am very envious of you elec bill!
Happy New Year!

Morgan said...

@Frantic - thanks for that. I haven't been there, although I have tried one in Wisbech. We are paying just about £7 a bag, by getting it delivered direct from Bearts to a lady in the village and then we pick up from her. We do a bulk order between about 5 of us twice a month. It is easier for me to do it that way as I have three bags of pellets and two of corn a month, and my little car would struggle with all of that!

SarahElisabeth said...

Happy New Year!

Thank you for the tip about Tesco printer cartridges-must try them.

Lesley said...

Well done with the electricity bill. I need to make it one of my resolutions to track ours a bit better. I hope that the back is feeling better. Happy New Year!