Monday, 24 December 2012

Almost there!

My first Christmas cakes with fondant icing - I usually choose royal icing whipped into a snowstorm of little peaks, but this year we thought we would try snowflakes instead of a snowstorm!  It looks quite good.

And there is one for UJ to take home with him as well, with a slightly different pattern of snowflakes.

And this is the gorgeous bouquet of flowers I received today from a lady at chapel who was grateful for all the help I have given her since she broke her arm, she said - there was no need, but it was a lovely surprise for me!

I've had another nice but busy day, and the washing machine repair man came along, too.  Unfortunately, the drum needs to be replaced, so he couldn't fix it today and has had to order a new drum.  Someone will ring me next week [NEXT week!?!] to arrange a date for it to be fitted, so we are to be without a machine for some time.......I'll panic about that after Christmas!

Tomorrow's service is prepared, the veg are done, the sitting room is hoovered, and the sausages in bacon are defrosting.  I think we are all ready, and I can go and have a shower and a rest.

A Very Merry Christmas to you all - wherever you are!


Angela said...

Are the snowflakes piped, or cut with cutters or what? they look lovely.
Sorry about the washing machine.
The shelf on my fridge door has just this evening inexplicably cracked and thrown its contents on the floor. Fortunately no spilt milk - but a re-ordering of fridge contents has become a necessity. Glad that it is so cold out in the garage!

Gill - That British Woman said...

love your Christmas cakes very well done.


judes07 said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family too!
Judy xx

Morgan said...

@Ang - they are snowflake cutters that I bought last year and never got round to using! The YFG had a go with them earlier in the season and they made a good job so I thought I would do the big cakes differently this year and take the opportunity to use them! They do look nice, and I am pleased with them. Sorry to hear about your fridge - our machines seem to be in sympathy with one another!
Hope you and Bob and the family have a great day today xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas!