Sunday, 11 May 2014

Weary Walker

One very weary girl is home, with sore and blistered feet and a bit of a heat rash around her ankles!  She's had her favourite BLT sandwich and is now heading for the bath, and then a DVD in bed - she is absolutely shattered...they did 11 miles yesterday and 17km today [don't ask about the imperial/metric conflict in that information - I don't know either!] and her pack weighed just over 14lbs when she left here yesterday.

The EFG was very kind and piggybacked her in from the car when we got home!

Many thanks, RQ, for the rucksack - she says it was comfortable to wear but she just wished she didn't have to put so much stuff in it!!


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

But well done

rabbitquilter said...

Ha Ha!! There wasn't any old 'Pot Noodles' left in there that added to the weight was there?!! So glad all went well and you weren't called for a mission of mercy like I was!!!!!

SusanM said...

My friend's daughter did DoE and had to take the Monday off after her first trek as she was so exhausted. She found carrying all the water very heavy too. I wonder why they don't organise the treks just before school holidays or long weekends so they can rest on the Monday? However, very well done! Son's exams almost finished here - his all came at the start of the exam period. I'm proud of him for working so hard x