Tuesday, 6 May 2014

If you can't stand the heat...

In my case, it has become, "if you can't stand the paint fumes, get out of the kitchen!" As the symptoms developed today, I realised that the paint has got to me - and it reminded me of why we don't decorate often at all!  My chest is tight, and I have a terribly sore throat, symptoms I remember coming on when I was about 5 and my mum decorated my bedroom for the first time.  I felt awful.

So whenever I am in the kitchen at the moment, I have the windows and doors flung open to get as much fresh air in there as possible.  The YFG did some more painting whilst I was at gym this evening with the EFG so I was met with a fresh wave of fumes as I came home.  I haven't spent a lot of time in there this evening - supper has been a "do it yourself" affair, although I did make a quick omelette for the FH.

As well as painting, the YFG found time to make some wonderful chocolate chip cookies this afternoon after school.  In the absence of any chocolate chips, she bashed a chocolate orange that I won in a raffle at the chapel the other week, and used that - and the FH and EFG have decided that they are rather gorgeous.  I think that there are a few left....I'll share the recipe tomorrow and a photo if I can get one before they are all eaten.


Angela said...

They do say leaving half an onion [cut side uppermost] in a saucer will absorb the paint fumes.

I am sure it will be worth it when the job is done!!

blessings x

SusanM said...

My son is asthmatic and I have allergies so we don't paint very often. It makes us feel really awful. At the moment we're both suffering from hayfever. Last night after it rained, there was a trail of yellow pollen drying in our garden - it had obviously run down the drive in the rain. I think it may be from nearby oil seed rape fields.

I never buy chocolate chips - it's usually cheaper to buy a bar of nice cooking chocolate (Aldi is good) and chop up half a bar. Chocolate orange chips sound lovely. My gran used to make a beautiful sponge cake with orange and top it with orange flavoured chocolate - heaven!

Morgan said...

You are right, Ang - I had a look on the internet this morning and so now I have a cut open onion on a plate on the draining board and two lemons, which were past their best, in a bucket of water in the kitchen. I shall try lighting a candle too when I have to cook later - I'm trying all the old wives' tales that there are - one of them must work!

SusanM - exactly! We have been in this house ten years and this is the first time we have used gloss paint, although the woodwork is crying out for it everywhere. We have got away with just emulsioning walls in other rooms up till now, but it has got to the stage where something had to be done!

I don't buy choc chips now, which is why she couldn't find any! I just bash up a bar of Value/Essentials/cheap chocolate and use that - and actually, if she had looked, there are about 10 bars of that kind of chocolate in the cupboard!

Thanks for your comments xxx

Lyssa Medana said...

We haven't decorated properly since 1994. Apart from indolence one reason is how badly DH is affected. I found the onion trick really helped. There are some plants that NASA found helped clean the air and one was a weeping fig - do you think borrowing one of those may help? It is time for desperate measures. WS xxx