Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Losing the plot

I think that is what the weather is doing - it is more like November here tonight than nearly June!  The FH is tucked up in bed watching tv with a hot water bottle and extra blanket on the bed, and the rest of us have been downstairs watching BGT with jumpers on.  The rain has been incessant today and the chooks are not chuffed with the reappearance of a sea of mud which they thought they had seen the last of for the season....oh dear!  They are still laying well, though, which is a positive point.

The YFG has been to see her work experience placement manager today to get some forms signed for her time there at the end of June.  She was a little bit nervous as this was something she had had instructions to do very much on her own, so I dropped her off nearby and left her to it.  The EFG hovered in the town and met up with her straight afterwards and then I gathered them up again in the local supermarket car park.  She coped well and has all her instructions for the placement - she will be an "optical assistant" at the optician's that we use in the town.  The chap already has plans for her to set up a Facebook page for the business so that his regular assistants can just keep it going.  He knows she likes technology!

My plans for a vegetarian day today got sunk when the FH declared that he wanted something warming for tea, "with thick onion gravy"........so I had to drag a Fray Bentos pie out of the storecupboard for him.  For the girls I made a potato-crust quiche, which fits in well with the SW plan, and so I served it to the EFG with veg on the side, and then the YFG decided that she would have a portion of her dad's FB pie with some of the quiche, which actually seemed like a sensible way to get her veg.  I've been naughty and had some cake instead of any proper tea......I'll do better tomorrow but they do say that a little of what you fancy does you good!  It mostly came out of the storecupboard and freezer so it was a cheap dinner all round and used up a few of our own eggs too.

Tomorrow the girls are off on the train to the big city for some shopping.  I bought the train tickets for them today, and used my free Friends and Family Railcard, which I had had the EFG put on as the second adult just for occasions such as this.  Result as the YFG gets to go for £2 return, and the EFG's fare is the same as if she had used her 16-25 Railcard.  The free railcard only lasts two months, and I probably won't take advantage of the opportunity to buy a full one at the offer price as the I rarely travel on a train with the YFG...it has been the girls together or the EFG with me.  Anyway, they will make use of it now and possibly again before it expires, so something for nothing and a wee saving there.

We were at the doctor's again this morning for the INR test, and the levels are settling now so the heparin injections have been stopped - the FH says that he didn't mind them, but he is jolly glad that they are done! Just the Warfarin to carry on with for now and have regular checks.  We are at Papworth on Friday for the CPAP clinic, so he is looking forward to the ride through the countryside, and I am hoping that the sun shines so that he can enjoy the ride more.  He doesn't get out much nowadays.

I found this beautiful scarf on a blog today so just had to share - I love this pattern and it reminded me of the scarf that I am knitting for the EFG so I brought it out again and did a few rows whilst we were watching tv tonight.  I shall have it done before September....

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Bridget said...

The weather's rubbish here too! I saw that scarf, it's absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to the pictures of yours when you've finished.