Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Choc orange cookie recipe

These are the gorgeous cookies that the YFG made last night, with one bashed Chocolate Orange - she used about three quarters of it!

This is her version of the recipe, modified from one in a mini book called Cadbury Dairy Milk: 30 best loved recipes, published as part of a series in 2013 by Hatchette Partworks Ltd.

The recipe the YFG's way makes about 15 cookies.

She used:

250g plain flour
pinch bicarbonate of soda
175g soft margerine - we use that supermarket's own in a 2kg tub at the moment
200g light brown soft sugar
100g caster sugar
1tbsp vanilla - the original calls for extract, but she used flavouring
2 eggs
3/4 of a Terry's Chocolate Orange, or about 300g chocolate, bashed well!

The new oven runs cooler than the old one, so we are working on revising our "usual" temperatures.  This time she set the oven to 180C and lined three baking trays with greaseproof paper.  She sieved all the dry ingredients into a bowl, and then melted the margerine in the microwave in a large pyrex jug.  She creamed that together with the sugars, and then beat in the eggs and vanilla until it was all very well mixed and had become light and fluffy.

At this point, the dry ingredients were carefully folded into the mixture, and then the bashed up chocolate was added as well, very gently.

Heaps of about 2 tablespoons of cookie dough were well spaced apart on the baking trays, and then gently flattened.  Well spaced means that there were four on each tray!

They cooked in about 15 minutes, but she kept a close eye on them, as well as employing a keen sense of smell and as soon as they looked done, they were out of the oven.  She let the others try one warm, and most were eaten whilst they were cooling, but the cooled cookies had developed a slight crunch as they cooked overnight, and there are those four left - I dare say that they will disappear in short order as soon as the girls get home from school tonight!  I would say that I think they will keep well in an airtight tin for several days, but I don't think they will at all - I think that they will get eaten too quickly for us to judge that one!

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