Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Mathematics all around

I've had my fair share of time with a calculator today, I can say!  The girls went to the city on the train this morning, and then the FH went out to the lunch club, and I had some peace and quiet to check my emails: the temptation was easily overcome from online retailers such as The Book People, Cath Kidston and Sports Direct...not so easily overcome when that supermarket sent a voucher for £15 off when I spend £50.....that amounts to a 30% discount if you manage to get bang on the £50, and with delivery slots for just £1 now available, I thought it was worth a look.

I haven't had a delivery from a supermarket for months, certainly not this year, and I still choose not to buy fresh fruit and veg in an online delivery because to start with I am not keen on the quality from that shop, and secondly, I prefer to choose my own.  So I had a good look around for all the offers - the two for ones and the buy one, get one a bit cheaper type things!  I stocked up on long term bottles, cans and packets, and UJ helped me by asking for some ketchup and HP sauce.

It is useful to know your prices in this situation, and so I didn't buy anything that I think I can get more competitively priced in Aldi - margerine and tuna for example, as well as the fresh stuff.

The other reason for having spent time with maths was that my cousin and her work mate came around tonight for some help with Maths.  They are both assessors with learndirect and have to help their "learners" with passing Maths and English qualifications as well as the actual subject in which they are qualified.  Dear Cousin freely admits that her maths is a weak point and so she came over to do a paper on her computer with us that she has to help her clients to pass.  I found the actual calculations easy, but understanding what the questions really wanted was a bit of a challenge, and I let myself down on one question where I did some of the work before I realised that the units of the information were mixed up and needed aligning before actual calculation could begin!  How people whose first language is not English manage to work out what the questions want, I do not know.  Four of us worked on it for over an hour to make sure that they understood what they were doing.  Glad I don't have to do maths any more, but having sympathy for the EFG who is doing her A level Maths papers in the next three weeks - I have got A level Maths, but I have forgotten most of it now!!

I'll be getting the calculator out again tomorrow so that I can work on the June budget and figures for managing all the money.   See you then x


SusanM said...

I've just checked my bank statement against my 'finances book' where I record all incomings and outgoings and discovered that I'd done my calculations wrong and that I'm actually £42.20 better off than I thought. That was a lovely surprise. And I have Higher Maths at a B pass!!

Morgan said...

Love it when that happens, SusanM!