Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday in the Fens

The FH had to have his INR checked this morning for his Warfarin so we trotted off to the surgery early this morning, and then I brought him home before I went back into the village for the Craft Club at the chapel.  Spending the morning chatting with the ladies and making tea is actually quite relaxing.

The FH's potassium levels have come back to normal so he has come off the supplements that he has taken for a few days this week.  He will be eating plenty of bananas instead, though, just to be on the safe side.

He has spent the afternoon finishing off this gorgeous puzzle which we borrowed from the chapel club, and he has really enjoyed doing this one.  I love the picture as well - the puppies and cat are beautiful, but I also love the kitchen too!

This evening I took the YFG to town for her swimming, and had a potter around Lidl, just picking up some of their good Braeburn apples and resisting other temptations.

A good day, all in all, and a day at home on the cards for tomorrow so I may get some more kitchen cupboards cleaned out and all the stuff put back.  I have had to set three mousetraps down there tonight - with peanut butter and chocolate for variety - as the YFG heard a definite munching sound coming from under one of the units this morning, and then I heard it too.  Hopefully a few nights of leaving the traps out will sort that one out.......otherwise I shall bring the cat in for the night!


Bridget said...

Love the puzzle too, but then it has got dogs in it !!! Glad potassium levels are back to normal.

Angela said...

I am always amused that mice love PB - what about Nutella?? Marmite??
Have a good, rodent-free weekend [I have younger daughter and bloke arriving shortly, must go change sheets...]
blessings xx

Morgan said...

Haven't got any Nutella, only orange chocolate spread that I bought last Christmas to make the mock Rochers with, and didn't get around to using it all up - doubt that mice like orange somehow! Not sure about Marmite but the little varmint certainly didn't fall for the PB or chocolate last night, so will have to try again...leaving the traps set for a few more days, anyway! Hope you have a lovely weekend with the family x

Bridget - thanks - I'm relieved to get him off the potassium supplements as they were contraindicated with a couple of his other meds! Bananas all the way, now... Have a good weekend, and don't eat too much of that gorgeous ice cream - looks lovely xx

Sue said...

Glad his levels are getting better, it's always nice to be able to come off tablets or supplements and treat things with natural foods like bananas.

That is a lovely jigsaw, and it reminds me I bought one the other week which I haven't even started yet, if this rain continues I might give it a go.

Allegra said...

Be careful with the bananas though, they can have a rather, um, binding effect.....

Morgan said...

Good luck with your puzzle, Sue xx

Allegra - thanks for that tip! He has stewed fruit for breakfast most mornings and loads of veg, so hoping that that doesn't become an issue!