Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Psssst! Don't forget!

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Apparently, it is Aldi voucher day tomorrow in the Daily Mirror or the Record if you are in Scotland.  I think that the amount you have to spend has gone up to £45 now, but it is still worth having if there is an Aldi near you and you have a family to feed.  It is ages since I have been along to Aldi so I shall definitely be getting a paper and popping in to get stocked up on tinned goods, and items like shower gel which we use lots of, and which don't go off!  Hope that helps someone x


SusanM said...

I got my email through about the £5 off Aldi voucher but I won't be near Aldi this week. I did well in T**co though with lots of vouchers and yellow stickers so it came to half of what it should have been and we're pretty well stocked up. The price of food keep increasing so every penny counts. Making sure teenagers get enough iron is a concern with the high cost of meat x

Mindo said...

Thank you! I have switched to Aldi, not only for the prices but because it is so much easier and quicker to complete my shop!