Monday, 26 May 2014

Good for me

I've had a good day, one with plenty of good things included.

For example, I went for a walk - up and down and up and down behind the lawn mower whilst I cut both lawns, in between light rain showers at lunchtime...

I went to an exercise class - Davina's Buff Boxing DVD with the EFG in the sitting room.

I had a relaxing hot shower and washed my hair after that, and then I was pampered whilst the girls took it in turns to plait my hair!

I've had my favourite meal for supper - sweet and sour chicken with rice.  I could eat that every day :)

The weather has been pleasant, and I have pottered in the garden too, tying up the raspberry canes, watering the tomatoes and seedlings in the greenhouse, having a cuppa and sitting outside, musing on all sorts of things.

The FH has been out this afternoon with a friend to a bee club meeting not too far away, but he was on his feet for just a little bit too long and has had to retire to bed with his jigsaw.  The girls and I have watched the first live semi-final of Britain's Got Talent tonight, and now that all the silly acts have been weeded out, there are some really good ones to watch and enjoy again.  We have particularly enjoyed the illusionist, Darcy Oake, and the impressionist Jon Clegg.  I've ploughed through a mountain of ironing whilst we were watching.

I know I haven't said much about the kitchen lately but it is still a work in progress.  I have cleaned out a couple more cupboards this afternoon whilst the YFG has done some more painting - she is a little star with a paintbrush!  We are hoping to get it done this week.

Hope you have had a good Bank Holiday weekend, and that the rest of the week goes well.  With it being half term, we have some bits and pieces planned, but the EFG has her first exam a week today, so she has been revising hard - chemistry and maths have been on the agenda for her today.

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Bridget said...

We watched BGT and liked the illusionist too. Some of the acts that get through are so bad though!