Saturday, 24 May 2014

Simple days

We didn't catch a single mouse last night - not even a whisker!  Will have to put the traps out again tonight - we cleared them away during the day as I didn't want any toes caught in the traps, since they are around the kitchen kick boards.  The cat has been in and had a good sniff around, but didn't give us any indication as to where the lodger might be......

I have had quite another lazy day, mooching around the internet this morning whilst the rain poured down outside.  I was quite disappointed not to be able to get out in the garden but then the inner gardener in me decided that I shouldn't be miserable about the potatoes and beans getting a good watering.  I did manage to get two loads of washing done, but this was about the most energetic thing I did all day.  I helped the FH with a puzzle for a while this afternoon.

The girls are planning a bike ride tomorrow which I estimate will take them a couple of hours, and I have a service to take first thing.  Then I am planning on cooking lamb shanks for a lovely Sunday tea - they should have cost a small fortune but I found them in the yellow-sticker section at about half price, so I am really looking forward to that.


Bridget said...

Hope the girls enjoy their bike ride. I think the weather's meant to be better today. What time's tea, I don't want to miss it!

Morgan said...

Tea was gorgeous, Bridget! The girls had a good ride but the EFG managed to get sunburned...they never learn!

And we caught the mouse this morning too. Too tired to blog tonight so hope will have time to catch up tomorrow. Thanks for popping in x