Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Parents in desperate search

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Two of these lovely blackbirds have been engaged in a desperate search for one of their recent fledglings this afternoon - they have flitted from shed roof, to fence, to summerhouse roof, to the ground, and round again and again, all the while calling ferociously for their offspring to respond - they could hear her but couldn't find her, and it was heartbreaking to watch them.

I found the wee bird in the chicken shed, although I can't really see how she found her way in there!  Trouble was that I couldn't get hold of her to get her outside again where her parents could look after her again, and they didn't seem to realise that she was in there.

I opened the wire door, and two windows flung wide, but she doesn't seem to have found her way out.  She's disappeared now, and the poor parents have had to give up and roost for the night.  They are quiet now, and I have really felt sad for them......if she survives the night, perhaps tomorrow will be a better day and they will be reunited again.

I took the FH for his scan this lunchtime, and sure enough, a small clot was found in his vein the groin area of his left leg.  We spoke to the doctor about it on the phone as he wanted us to call him and let him know, although the surgery is closed this afternoon.  The FH has been started up on Warfarin again, and the injections will also continue.  He will also be scheduled for a CT scan, and all blood tests are to be repeated on's a six month treatment plan.  The doctor has been brilliant, and even came out to see the FH later on this afternoon.

We had a quiet potter around Lidl's this afternoon after the scan, and did the shopping - lots of lovely fruit and veg - but the girls complained: I forgot to buy cheese and then the YFG said, "You didn't buy anything to EAT!" by which she meant that there was no rubbish to eat immediately!  I pointed out the loaf of fresh tiger bread and all the fruit, so she had some bread and jam and said it was good!


rabbitquilter said...

So glad FH is under control!! Hope the progress continues. I have also been on Blackbird patrol!! We have 2 families of Blackbirds to worry about! One nested in a thick bush that overhangs our garden and the other family nested else-where but feed in our garden!! There are a pair of Magpies around that cause chaos so I'm out shooing them off when I hear a commotion!!! The folk I see on a Wednesday have a pair of Kestral's nesting in the Owl box!!

SusanM said...

Two tiny sparrows came into our garden two days ago, unable to fly. Not good with two gundogs around. I put the dogs back in the house, one of the sparrows tried to fly, ended up in the pond and would have drowned if I hadn't rescued it. I found some mesh and covered the pond. The birds settled down for the night in one corner of the garden so I 'fenced' it off using wheelie bins, garden bench, large pots etc to keep the dogs away. Well, they stayed in there for a couple of days with the mum and dad popping in regularly to feed them. The babies were becoming more active yesterday and flapping their wings. I checked this morning and they've gone, but I expect they may come back this evening again. Hope your husband gets well again soon. And yes, I know what teenagers are like after you've been shopping! My son has finished his exams and is now having a long lie.