Saturday, 3 May 2014

Charity shopping

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The YFG and I had a mooch in town today after gym - I wanted to go to the butcher's stall on the market, and to Iceland for frozen veg, and so I took the opportunity to go into two charity shops near the marketplace, looking for new jigsaws for the FH and I found three for him.  He was very pleased with one of the Flying Scotsman from M&S via the RSPCA shop, but I was more excited to find two gorgeous Swinnerton plates - see picture above for pattern - from the same shop.  One is an oval serving plate and the other is a side plate, I think: I paid £1.50 for the larger and 50p for the smaller one.  Having looked them up on the old interweb tonight, they seem to date from the 1950s.  I just love the pattern!

The FH has got one cold foot today, and so I have given him a hot water bottle, but it doesn't seem to be helping.  I think we will be consulting the doctor on Tuesday about it, as it is a new development.  I had noticed though that a scratch he has on that foot has not healed up very quickly, so I am wondering what is going on - his circulation obviously isn't great in that foot.  I shall get the EFG to check his blood sugar first thing in the morning too, as she hasn't done that for a week or two.  He doesn't have diabetes officially but they do like to keep an eye on his blood sugar level.

I've had a bit of a rest with a cup of tea and the newspaper this afternoon, but then I pottered in the garden, cut the grass and did a big watering session of the tomatoes, the seedlings and the potato bed, as well as sorting out the chooks this afternoon and washing and pegging out three loads of washing.

The girls and I have watched BGT tonight for the first time this series - it is so often disappointing as so many of the acts are useless, but then they find one or two which are astounding and we were lucky tonight to see a group of four male singers who were great and then a woman also sang and she was really good too.  But we did have to sit through some bad ones to find them!

Looking forward to my Easter roast lamb tomorrow now that the oven is working - bought the mint sauce today!

Hope you are having a good weekend, and I shall have a wander around your blogs tomorrow xxx

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Lyssa Medana said...

Those plates look lovely! Praying for FH WS xxx