Monday, 5 May 2014

Getting there slowly

The EFG has spent the day with her head in the books, revising like mad for the upcoming exams which will have such an influence on her future.  The YFG and I have been busying ourselves in the kitchen again!  She finished some emulsioning this morning whilst I completed the ironing, before we headed off to town to get some gloss paint for the woodwork, and then she had a break.  This afternoon we went back to it, and she has masked off and painted a lot of the woodwork - I kept her company and cleaned another cupboard out!
Just thought I would share the picture of the new plates at the top of the shelves, with my Bristol Blue teapot and gravy jug on the middle shelf and some mugs to finish it all off.  There is a blue theme, as you can see.  I loved the Bristol Blue design from BHS, but it has been discontinued, and I have been unable to buy any for years: I used to get it at a Kitchen Reject Shop in Kirkcaldy - I would pop in there whenever we went to Kirkcaldy to see what they had in store!  Sadly, over the years, it has been well used and loved and broken...these two items are all I have left nowadays.

It has been good to make this shelf area look special rather than just piling it up with paraphenalia as it was!  I am working on thinning the kitchen stuff out as I go along, so the bin is getting rather full this week.  Better to bust the clutter than just put it back, I think.


SusanM said...

Lots of revision going on here too - now halfway through the exams. Good luck with yours!

Bridget said...

Looking good x

The Challengee said...

Had you thought of eBay? There is a lasagne dish in your pattern going cheaply on there at the moment..

Morgan said...

Thanks, Challengee, I have had a look at eBay, but to be honest, I only really want to pay boot sale prices, and I have had concerns about buying breakable things by post. I have looked at websites, and one I found was selling a teapot like mine for £40+ so I don't really think I can afford this stuff any more!! Thanks for finding that though - much appreciate the thought xxx