Thursday, 22 May 2014

Taking time off

After another blood test this morning and then an early lunch, the FH and I took off for the afternoon to visit some former neighbours who moved away about three years ago.  They have been renovating an old cottage with attached stable, and we thought it would be a good day to go and see how they are getting on with it all.

They have turned quite a dilapidated cottage and stable into a simply stunning home - with five bedrooms, two staircases, and a lovely meander of rooms running from one to the other, I would have moved in tomorrow.  It is not quite finished, but we could see it all turning out beautifully if the work they have done so far is anything to go on.  Quite temptingly, the little cottage next door is up for sale........I have looked at it on rightmove, and although the price is very attractive, the house is just too far from school for the YFG!

After a lovely afternoon with our friend [his wife was expected home at lunchtime but got held up elsewhere], we came home via the scenic route and just got home before the girls.  Since then, I have continued with a taxi-driving day, and taken the YFG to her piano lesson and then the EFG to the SW club this evening: she did well and lost the pound which I put on, so we are keeping it in the family!  The FH has also been out, but only in the village to the bee club.

All in all, a restful day, when I even managed to finish off one of the library books I chose last Friday.  I've still got several more to read, but I shall have an hour tomorrow evening to catch up on my reading whilst the YFG is swimming - usually she would swim whilst I am coaching a gym class, but we have broken up for the holiday from gym already, so I have a smidgen of free time - if the weather is nice, I may go for a walk.

Another weekend is approaching fast - I hope you have a good one x

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Bridget said...

Your friends house sounds lovely. Enjoy your book x